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Thanks to its flexible angle, the Karcher Vario Joint for telescopic lances from Kärcher enables more effective and deeper cleaning of solar panels with the roller brush 500 and is much more comfortable for the user. The roller brush can be easily controlled to the left and right with simple turning of the telescopic lance. This way the brush automatically moves in the desired direction and reduces the user’s effort considerably. The entire cleaning of solar panel areas close to the edge is possible without any difficulty as with a simple slanting of the brush it can be guided over the edges of the panel and all areas can be captured. Furthermore, the combination of telescopic lance, Vario Joint and roller brush 500 is also perfect for cleaning glass facades or conservatories, for example.

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Facade Solar Window and Ground Cleaning Accessories Brochure

Risk of injury due to unexpected force at
the spray unit.
The angular water stream from the articulated joint generates torque on the high pressure gun. According to regulations, a
maximum torque of 20 Nm is permitted.
To ensure safe handling, initially set the water stream at a flat angle and increase it
gradually as required.