BR 47/35 Escalator Scrubber Dryer

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The Karcher BR 47/35 Escalator scrubber dryer makes it possible to wet-clean an escalator while it is moving. Deep cleaning and maintenance cleaning operations can be performed six to seven times faster than with other systems available in the marketplace. Furthermore, the machine is also suitable for travellators. This remarkable, robust machine features a tubular steel chassis and stainless steel tank and functions like a scrubber drier. Operating the BR 47/35 Esc requires very little training, making it especially well suited for contract cleaners and with its compact dimensions, the Karcher BR 47/35 Escalator Scrubber Dryer is easy to transport to and from sites.

  • Excellent Suction Power : The applied water is reliably sucked back into the machine by the two powerful suction turbines together with four straight suction hoses and matching combs. Prevents water from dripping into the escalator shaft. Prevents water from dripping into the escalator shaft.
  • Suitable For Escalators: Combs which enter the grooves in the escalator provide the necessary vacuum. Different combs are available to suit different types of escalators. This ensures that the water is effectively vacuumed from the escalator.

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Additional information

Working Width

470 mm ( working width 470 mm with brushes ) ( working width 470 mm with vacuuming )

Area performance (m²/h)


Fresh / Dirty Water Tank (l)

35 / 35 l

Fresh Water Container Capacity (l)


Brush Speed ( rpm )

870 / 1090

Brush Speed, Sweeping (rpm)


Power Rating Brush (W)


Suction Motor (w)


Flow Rate ( l/h )


Current Type (V/Hz)

220 – 240 / 50 – 60

Drive Type

Mains operation

Dimensions (L × W × H)

1129 x 480 x 1031 mm