Viper is dedicated to delivering professional cleaning equipment that meets and also exceeds the expectations of our customer.  This is based on a reliable, easy-to-use, and service friendly product portfolio. It also has the best quality to price ratio as well as in this target market.

As a Viper dealer, We understand the importance of having a clean and safe working environment for your customers. Keeping a facility clean and organized can boost efficiency and safety, and that’s where Viper products come in. Viper offers a wide range of cleaning solutions for various industries, from production floors and warehouses to car parks and offices. By offering products that meet our customers’ specific needs, we can show them that we are a knowledgeable and trustworthy as a Viper dealer.

Cleaning Professionals

The cleaning professionals of today face various challenges even more competition and increasing price pressure as well as new cleaning fields and processes. This is why a reliable partner with focus on easy to use equipment is necessary – and we can meet these demands.

Education and Public Administration

Substantial sums of money are invested in educational facilities and their operation. In order to protect these investments and create a positive learning environment, these facilities require continuous maintenance using professional cleaning technology. These areas demand high efficiency, as well as reliability and cost effective products –Our Viper products can meet these demands for offices, classrooms, canteens, sports halls and outside areas that require constant cleaning attention.

Manufacturing and Warehousing

As a manufacturer we understand the wide variety of cleaning applications that need to be considered in this area. Efficiency, reliability and safety are key to maintaining productive warehousing and logistics operations. Maintaining a safe and productive manufacturing facility. Production and warehouse floors, car parks and offices are all areas that Viper have products to help your cleaning task.

To discuss these machines further, or request a site visit/demonstration  please contact us at enquiries@pressureclean.co.uk or call 01825 705777.

A ride-on sweeper that keeps it simple-ROS 1300

Viper cleaning equipment

Take a seat, and adjust it to your personal preference then press the one touch start button to get straight to work. This conveniently starts all the main functions which are the main broom, side brooms, vacuum fan – all at once

Viper AS1050R ride-on scrubber dryer

Built to make quick, effective work of the biggest indoor environments, the robust Viper AS1050R is our largest ride-on scrubber dryer but it’s still highly manoeuvrable and resource-efficient, with features that maximise performance.