Nilfisk MC 6P-120

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The Nilfisk MC 6P range of cold water pressure washers brings together an unbeatable working life and durability, high cleaning performance and optimal ergonomics for the most demanding heavy-duty cleaning tasks for industry, agriculture, shipping, transport sector and food industry.

The Nilfisk MC 6P is equipped with the NA6 wobble disc pump with 4 ceramic pistons and robust construction optimised for intense use greater than 5 hours per day. The NA6 pump is inspired by our longest lasting and renowned pump and offers an unbeatable lifetime as well as the possibility to be fed with 80°C inlet water, converting your cold water washer to a hot water unit for even greater cleaning efficiency and lowered cleaning costs.

The Nilfisk MC 6P line is intuitive and easy to use. It offers excellent storage facilities for the pressure washer’s standard spray equipment –  electric cable, hose, 2x detergent tanks and lances. The handle can be folded down to reduce space requirements when storing or transporting the unit, furthermore, the handle can be placed in a central position, with optimal balance for use with a crane lifting strap. The large, wide rear wheels give excellent ground clearance and great manoeuvrability even over rough ground.

The optimal service concept is aimed at ensuring that any maintenance tasks can be done quickly and easily reduce the total cost of ownership. The front pressure washer cabinet can be quickly and easily tipped up and removed to give direct access to the motor pump unit, reducing service time and cost. These models are also equipped with a Low Pump Oil Safety warning which cuts out the pressure washer if the level of pump oil is too low – thus protecting the lifetime.

  • NA6 4 ceramic piston pump with 80°C inlet temp
  • Tough and sturdy design with 30mm steel frame
  • Optimal storage and transport with foldable handle and easy lifting points
  • High mobility with large rear wheels and front castor wheel
  • Easy accessibility to pump, optimal service concept
  • Ergonomic accessory concept
  • Flow activated control system
  • Low pump oil safety function

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Additional information

Weight ( without packaging )

89 kg

Power Source

400 v

Connected Load



120/12 bar

Water Flow Rate

1850/1950 l/h

Hose Length

8 m

Dimensions l x w x h

930 x 570 x 1020 mm