Nilfisk ATTIX Series

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If you are working with H Class Hazardous Dust, you will find the Nilfisk ATTIX Series is a perfect wet & dry solution. Choose from 3 different container sizes and other features which enhance your working efficiency.

  • The ATTIX  30  OH is a small machine with big performance and high mobility.
  • The ATTIX  5    OH is a mid-size machine with a Push&Clean filter cleaning system.
  • The ATTIX  751 OH features a large stainless steel container that can be easily emptied by tilting or lifting off the robust frame.

Nilfisk ATTIX Series operating costs are minimised and user-friendliness reaches an all-time high with the low working noise level which lets the operator work when others are nearby without disturbing them. An Airbox is available as an accessory that performs the same function when using pneumatic tools.

The compact size and big performance of the ATTIX, along with the wide range of available models, make it a perfect choice for people who move with their work from place to place. The ergonomic design and low noise level emphasise our focus on real user benefits and longer working time.

The basic wet and dry vacuum cleaners are designated as the -O1 models. Automatic On/Off models (designated as the -21 models) are the choice of people who use the machine with electric hand tools because starting or stopping the tool starts and stops the vacuum, as well. An accessory Airbox is available which performs the same function when using pneumatic tools. While dealing with fine dust the Push&Clean Filter cleaning system offers a comfortable and quick way to clean the filter.

Operating costs are minimised with the washable PET Fleece filter elements, and the low working noise level lets you work when others are nearby, without disturbing them. The excellent design offers you cable storage, accessories storage and a big tool deposit to keep all you need at hand.The Multi fit system allows the use of the complete range of accessories.

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