Karcher PDIR - Pressure clean

Preventative Daily Interim Restorative ( PDIR )

PDIR is a process that has been developed to help you rethink your cleaning programme, it’s a guideline to help you save money while being more environmentally friendly at the same time. PDIR represents the four different cleaning functions: Preventative, Daily, Interim and Restorative, all helping to achieve a more focused and effective cleaning regime that ultimately maximises the return on investment.

After all, preventing the dirt from entering the building is the most effective way of cleaning!

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Stopping the soils from entering the building through removal or containment

Preventative cleaning does exactly that, it helps to stop dirt and debris from entering your building. This type of cleaning is cost-effective and with the correct equipment can keep most of the mess outside and where it belongs.

For preventative maintenance of your areas consider both sweepers and pressure washers to keep dirt at bay.


Removing soil daily to minimise their damage to carpet and hard floor finishes

Quickly remove the soils that have entered your property and minimise’ the damage to your hard and soft flooring with daily cleaning methods. By removing dirt and debris on a daily basis, you’ll extend the life of your floors and protect your investments. 

Perform daily maintenance by vacuuming and cleaning spills form any carpets, you’ll also want to consider daily scrubbing of hard floors and steam cleaning high traffic areas.


Maintaining a high level of appearance with minimal resource, chemical and water

Maintains a clean and consistent appearance as well as using less water and detergent is what interim cleaning is all about. By focusing on a cleaning programme that is allows for interim cleaning will reduce the frequency for restorative and deep cleaning.

Consider encapsulation cleaning and spray extraction to restore your carpets appearance and for those hard floors focus on scrubbing followed by polishing.


Intensive cleaning designed to restore the carpet/finish as close as possible to its original state

For those times when restorative work is needed due to wear and tear over the years. It’s only restorative cleaning that will bring your floors back to life, leaving them looking brand new.

For soft floors like carpet, utilise a pre-spray and a deep carpet extraction method. If it’s hard floors you’re looking to deep clean, completely strip your floors and then recoat them.

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