NEW electric MAC Plantmaster

Written By Donna Fielding

On July 18, 2019

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  • Ideal for the use in the automotive, industrial, food and shipping sectors. Electrical heating is exhaust gas and pollution free !!!
  • The electrically heated range of hot water pressure washers can be used wherever exhaust gases are undesired or even prohibited, e.g. in food processing plants, hospitals, large kitchens or industrial plants
  • Pollution free electrical heating, low noise levels due to no gas/oil burner exhaust noise and slow running 1450 rpm motor. Low heating and running costs combined with a design that is easy to use and service, are just some of the advantages over oil fired machines
  • For many end users, particularly in the food sector, diesel fuel on site is undesirable and in some cases not allowed. The Plantmaster electric means no fuel, no storage of fuel, no spillage etc.
  • Thanks to the pre-heating tank, hot water is available as soon as the spray gun is activated
  • High quality and very effective boiler insulation means the power consumption of the machine is drastically reduced in standby mode, compared to the competitor machines
  • Electric is the fuel of the future for heating requirements. Electric heating is 100% efficient and carbon neutral at the point of use, and with electricity being generated by nuclear and renewable sources in the future it will become completely carbon neutral


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